Congratulations and welcome aboard, Isabel!

Born and raised in Germany, Isabel started a career as a psychologist. After having completed her degree and having been working in the area of psycho-social counseling for a while, she got more and more interested in the political component of psychology which is why she completed a master's degree in Peace and Conflict studies with a focus on Peace psychology. 

Following up on this interest she pursued her career as a social psychology researcher, with a special interest in social identities, gender, and reconciliation as well as selective solidarity. 

Throughout her work at the university, she developed and facilitated seminars on research methods as well as global inequalities in the area of social work placing an emphasis on intersectional and interdisciplinary research. Meanwhile, she has facilitated several trainings within the practical field of conflict transformation.

Our new trainee Isabel relies on interactive methods that always emphasize one's own positionality concerning a specific topic. Her work at CRISP offers her the opportunity to put her insights from research into practice and to include and promote a social-psychological approach to the area of conflict transformation.