Bilateral dialogue

Young representatives of Tunisian political civil society visiting CRISP

KAS Tunisia and CRISP are ‘’Breaking down walls of mind’’ to inspire Tunisian civil society activists and experts

CRISP was delighted to host a mutual learning exchange about informal education methods and projects in the field of civil society. 9 civil society activists and experts from Tunis were taking part of a bilateral dialogue in Berlin where an open space of discussion with German political institutions and NGOs took place. The objective from this visit is ‘’Breaking down walls of mind’’ to inspire Tunisian civil society activists and experts, who are playing an active role in promoting core democratic values and in creating a vibrant civil society in Tunisia, and to connect them with different German experiences and initiatives in term of youth engagement in civic and political life. CRISP hosted the delegation and we conducted an interactive information session about CRISP’s methodologies and projects. We discussed numerous topics relating to youth engagement, how simulation games and other informal education methods offer a safe space for discussing pertinent conflicts and how it yields great results. We were so ecstatic to get to know the delegation members and learn from their vast and extensive expertise and backgrounds and we are looking forward to our possible future collaboration!
The visit also aims to impact activists and experts who can be Tunisian future leaders or influencers for a whole new generation of young people.