Youth and Religion in Kyrgyzstan

CRISP and GIZ continue their cooperation in Kyrgyzstan for a second year. A workshop for developing a simulation game on the topic of religion marked the beginning of the consultancy.

In the frame of a consultancy for GIZ Kyrgyzstan, CRISP has conducted a workshop for active youth and invited partner organisations in the frame of which a simulation game was developed. The game tackles questions of religion and is aimed to enable young people to form their own opinion about the topic.

After heated debates on what young people need and should get informed about, the game started to take shape, dealing with conflicts between students in a school setting. The simulation is still in the process of being finalized and we want to thank our partners and participants for their involvement and commitment.

The game will be implemented in nine workshops later this year as a tool for empowering young people to forming their own critical opinion.