CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

Al Oud – Local Initiatives for peaceful Coexistence

This simulation game aims to help strengthen the local capacities of Yemeni youth in peacebuilding and conflict transformation.


16 to 35 years old Yemeni Youth, men, women, youth with disabilities, IDPs, refugees and Mohamasheen


Conflict Transformation




> 6 hours

Number of participants





Arabic, English

The Al Oud simulation game tackles the overall topic of peaceful coexistence and conflict transformation, by undertaking this activity Yemeni youth will be capacitated to use novel approaches to generate innovative ideas for peaceful community initiatives. Participants will discuss and experiment different facets of peaceful coexistence, strengthening their peace capacity directly on a local level.  Several cross-cutting topics will also be included, such as sustainability, working in fragile contexts, do no harm and gender equality. The participants will develop numerous community initiatives that can be used to approach decision makers on the local governmental level or the state level to help strengthen peace capacity. 

Scenario & Procedure 

The simulation game takes place on the fictitious island of Gezirat Bekhoor which recently got hit with a tragic earthquake. Al Oud which, is a small town on the island was one of the most affected by it.  Many buildings in the town have gotten demolished and numerous people died. The local council was ill-prepared and had a poor crisis management plan. Consequently, Al Oud now lacks necessities such as healthcare, a strong public administration, employment, and other basic needs. This has led to the reignition of feuds between the inhabitants of Al oud and created a lot of tensions since different society groups are struggling to rebuild their communities and are looking out for their interests. The participants will propose the community initiatives focusing on five topics; education, job creation, culture, charity ,environment and entertainment, where they have come up with and try to find a peaceful middle ground where all parties are satisfied.


The simulation game aims at strengthening Yemeni local capacities for peace to promote peaceful co-existence, strengthening the participation of women in the peace process and post-conflict agenda, promoting the use of conflict-sensitive communication methods, strengthening institutional and professional capacities of selected NGOs and academic institutions conducting public relation campaign. Participants will use conflict analysis tools that they will learn and implement on their community initiatives and consequently in their daily lives.

Learning Goals 
  • Understanding the dynamic nature of conflict
  • Developing a vision for peaceful coexistence
  • Improve critical thinking skills
  • Advocating for them to become active actors of change