New Project

Supporting the peace process in Yemen using simulation games

In cooperation with GIZ, we are developing a tailor made simulation game with the aim of strengthening the local capacities of Yemeni youth in in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. 


We are happy to announce that we will continue our efforts in Yemen, by developing and implementing a simulation game in collaboration with GIZ Yemen that fits the objectives of the project, “Peace Process Support for Yemen (PPSY)”.The general aims of this activity is to strengthen the local capacities of Yemeni youth in peacebuilding and conflict transformation and help them further develop their skills and abilities to deal with conflicts and learn how to make an active difference in their communities

The simulation game tackles the overall topic of peaceful coexistence and conflict transformation, by undertaking this activity the target audience will be capacitated to use novel approaches to generate innovative ideas for peace projects. Participants will discuss and experiment different facets of peaceful coexistence, strengthening their peace capacity directly on a local level.  A number of cross-cutting topics will also be included, such as sustainability, working in fragile contexts, do no harm and gender equality.The participants will develop project ideas (community led initiatives) that can be used to approach decision makers on the local governmental level or the state level to help strengthen peace capacity on a local level.

This simulation game will be implemented across 10 Yemeni governorates including Sana’a - Taiz - Aden -Lahij - Abyan - Shabwa - Hadramout - Marib - Mahra - Al Hudayda.

Stay tuned for more publications about the simulation game and about the implementation phase.