CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

Dear Mr. President - Dealing with Autocrats

What the USA's position on continuing the Paris Climate Agreement 2017 and the INF Disarmament Treaty 2019?


Between 16 and 30 years old


Conflict Transformation, Democracy & Participation




4-6 hours, > 6 hours

Number of participants





English, German

After the US withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement 2017 and the INF Disarmament Treaty 2019, the clarity of how these important issues will be dealt with in the upcoming future is shaking. Therefore, the UN convened an international conference to discuss the next steps and aim towards the adoption of a new agreement or agreement. The overarching problem appears to be that there is a growing attitude that more and more states seemingly only pursue their national interests and many heads of states simply have their own advantage in mind. The question remains how under these conditions, any agreement can be reached, and how does one deal with such personalities on an international level?

Scenario & Procedure

The simulation game presents a fictitious conference of the United Nations: "One planet. One Future. " The participants will take over the roles of heads of states and foreign minister of 10 countries that will come together to discuss and work on concrete proposals for the two proposed topics. Split into two groups, the heads of state will discuss plans for disarmament and the foreign ministers will examine measures for climate protection. The actors will need to seek strategic partnerships with other countries to be able to implement their proposals, elaborate on suggestions to the topics and negotiate over the details of the proposition. This proposition will be presented to the UN Secretary General in the following plenum.


The participants will learn more about how negotiation processes work on an international level. Additionally, they will lean how authoritarian state leaders influence the international system and learn to discuss ways of dealing with them. Moreover, this simulation game includes a sensibilization for the topics disarmament and climate policy and sheds light on the resulting social and political conflicts. The specific aim of this simulation game is to increase the conscious view on similarities and a necessity for cooperation on an international scale.

Learning Goals
  • Contemporary global developments regarding climate policies and disarmament
  • Insights into the decision making processes in the frame of international conferences
  • Learning to deal with authoritarian tendencies in an international context