Bundestag Exchange Students Engage in Political Simulation Game

In an initiative facilitated by the International Parliament Scholarship program of the German Bundestag, participants from South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, and Kenya recently engaged in the simulation game "Dear Mr. President."

Since 2020, the German Bundestag has been offering a scholarship program for talented and politically interested young university graduates from Sub-Saharan Africa, inviting CRISP to implement a simulation game titled "Dear Mr. President," perfectly matching the content of the workshop they are organizing for participants.

During the workshop, participants assumed the roles of heads of states and foreign ministers, gaining firsthand insights into diplomatic decision-making processes. Through interactive gameplay, they explored the complexities of global politics, shedding light on the challenges posed by autocratic leadership.

Reflecting on the experience, organizers emphasized the value of such simulations in promoting cross-cultural understanding and political awareness among the next generation of leaders. The workshop not only provided a platform for practical learning but also fostered meaningful exchanges on pressing global issues.