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Panel Meeting on Economic Integration of Migrants

The Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum (EaPPMA) Meeting on the Economic Integration of Migrants was organized by Poland and Georgia with the support of the European Commission and the UN Migration Agency. CRISP e.V. was invited by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to deliver an interactive session during the second day of the panel meeting.

Quick facts


December 2017


Warsaw, Poland



CRISP ventured outside its usual methodological repertoire by suggesting Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a method of choice. AI enables participants to find innovative solutions to complex problems by approaching these from a positive perspective. The participants identified aspects of successful measure implementation, necessary attitudes and good practices from their experience that can support the envisioning of ways to integrate migrants into host societies. More importantly, participants interacted actively during the session, enhancing networks and contributing to increased cooperation and exchange in the future.

Target Group

Participants of the interactive sessions were 30 experts from state authorities of six Eastern Partnership countries, several EU Member States, ILO, civil society organizations and research institutions.

Project Goals

Among the main goals of the practical exercises was to formulate concrete positive examples from professional experiences of the participants, to understand what factors lead to success and what can be learned from that experience for the current issue at stake.


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