CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

Anopolis - Minority Rights

Different ethnic minorities try to come to an agreement and develop their community.


young adults between 18 and 25 years. Previous knowledge is not required.


Conflict Transformation


German, English


Onsite, Online

Number of participants

20-30, 12-20


4-6 hours



In Anopolis live different ethnic minorities and the its citizens have very different interests. The situation in town is stressed, as people are facing  different problems, such as a bad economical situation, unemployment, tensions between the groups and a flow of refugees. But the town council got access to some external funds - now, in cooperation with civil society groups, they have to  come to an agreement on how to spend the moneay. The list of proposals is long and it is now up to the actors to discuss their priorities and to come to a conclusion. In the end of the simulation game Anopolis will have some new buildings, but in which part of the city?

Scenario & Procedure

Through town council meetings and negotiation rounds, the actors will have to make decisions in order to find a compromise between the interests of the different groups. Particularly, in the end of the simulation game the members of the town council will vote on a land development plan. Additionally to the negotiations about the construction proposals, actors can also make agreements about other things they want to trade, exchange or give to somebody. Actors not represented in the town council and without voting power have certain possibilities to influence the process, such as initiating referendum for further construction proposals. Lobbying and bargaining are essential in order to organize an adequate number of votes.


The overall goal is to come to a compromise between all represented groups and to approve the different construction proposals by a majority of votes. All actors share the same goal, but have differing interests on the future of Anopolis. Thus good teamwork and coherent argumentation are needed in order to convince others and to organize a majority.

Learning Goals
  • Teamwork within the respective interest groups and between larger coalitions.
  • Creating win-win-situations between different interest groups.
  • Personal negotaitions skills in order to persuade others and to organize majorities