Middle East/ Northern Africa

2019 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index, Middle East and North Africa Region: Egypt Country Report

Our esteemed partner in Egypt, Center for Development Services, took part in the development of the country report for 2019 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index.

This report gives an overview of the overall Civil Society Organization (CSO) sustainability in Egypt, focusing on seven (7) main dimensions, namely; Legal environment, organizational capacity, financial viability advocacy, service provision, sectorial infrastructure and public image.

The report entails that Egypt’s economy continued to struggle in 2019 despite improvements in macroeconomic indicators, however, overall CSO sustainability in Egypt improved in 2019. Despite continued challenges, CSOs reported slight improvements across most dimensions. To have a more in-depth insight on the different changes that occurred within all dimensions, please check the full report here.

In addition to that, if you want to acquire a more holistic understanding of the region as a whole, we invite you to read the full MENA region report here.