5 Years of Impact: Nadine and Nastya at CRISP

In May, CRISP celebrated the five-year journey of Nadine and Nastya, who have played integral roles within our team.

In a special interview, Nadine and Nastya reflect on their transformative five-year journey with CRISP, highlighting their growth, proudest achievements, and gratitude to their colleagues.

What brought you to CRISP 5 years ago?

Nadine: “I was working closely with CRISP already since I was in Egypt, and I enjoyed very much working together with the team on simulation games and the interactive fun elements of the workshop and training approaches.”
Nastya: “I was actively engaged in volunteering activities for youth empowerment back in Ukraine and wanted to get more experience in that area, see how it is done in other contexts and countries.”

How do you feel you’ve grown professionally and personally over the past 5 years?

Nadine: “Over the past five years, I've grown significantly both professionally and personally. Professionally, I've enhanced my skills, taken on new challenges, and improved my teamwork and leadership abilities. Personally, I've become more resilient and adaptable, and strengthened my relationships with the team, partners, donors, and participants.”
Nastya: “I have been working across different geographical, cultural, and thematic contexts as well as have taken on various roles - trainer and facilitator, translator, project coordinator, conference host and panelist, mentor - and the list continues. Such diversity provides you with constant challenges and opportunities for growth but also makes the journey with CRISP fun and fulfilling.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment at the organization so far?

Nadine: “I have achieved many accomplishments, but a few stand out. Implementing my first project was incredibly satisfying and a significant growth experience for me. I also deeply value the connections I've made with my colleagues. However, my greatest sense of accomplishment comes from making a positive impact on local communities, particularly in the MENA region.”
Nastya: “The most important for me has been working with and in Ukraine over the past five years. And my biggest highlight has been witnessing the unwavering and tremendous support of the entire CRISP team for my home country.”

Is there something you’d like to say to your colleagues or the organization as you reach this milestone?

Nadine and Nastya: “A big fat thank you to all the colleagues that we consider friends.”
At CRISP, we extend our deepest gratitude to Nadine and Nastya for their dedication, passion, and invaluable contributions over the past five years. Their commitment to the empowerment of civil societies across borders and cultures has truly made a lasting impact within our organization and beyond.