New Intern

Very warm welcome to our new intern Michel!

Discover Michel's path from Liberal Arts studies in the Netherlands to his current quest for understanding international relations and conflict resolution at CRISP

Michel grew up in Darmstadt and decided to study Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University College Maastricht, Netherlands, in 2018. Through the open-curricular character of the program, Michel was able to identify his desire to learn more about international relations and, in particular, the theoretical backgrounds to conflicts and international security. After graduating in 2021, he came to Berlin, where he worked for NGOs and start-ups before now ending up at CRISP. Here, Michel wants to learn more about the day-to-day work of an internationally oriented NGO and how one can build up resilient civil societies and support achieving sustainable peace in different contexts. He is curious to figure out the different ways of “doing good” in the world and is looking forward to discovering CRISP’s way, before then continuing his academic journey at the Hertie School with a Master’s in International Affairs.