New Constitution in Chile

Big step for PRESENTES in Chile

The constitutional process in Chile is crucial for the political stability of the country. Our project PRESENTES adds a participatory element by identifying the expectations of children and adolescents and presenting them to the constitutional convention. During an onsite workshop in Santiago de Chile in April, we have designed the next simulation game and very much enjoyed the process.

In Santiago de Chile, between 18 and 22 April this year, planning and development sessions were held for the second Simulation Game of the project #Presentes: adolescents for the constituent process, which will be implemented from August in educational, cultural and sports centres and other instances of child and adolescent participation.

These sessions were attended by representatives of the German organisation CRISP, the Chilean Ombudsman for Children, the Metropolitan University of Education Sciences (UMCE) and the organisation Observa Ciudadanía. The main learning objectives, scenarios, characters and rules of the simulation game that will precede "Las Araucarias" were defined.  

Andreas Muckenfuß, coordinator of the project, said "we are very pleased with the progress made during these working days, we managed to compose the heart of our second simulation game, and we hope that it will be a great contribution to the civic growth and participation of children and adolescents in Chile".

This second game is part of the #Presentes project's objective of guaranteeing the effective participation of children and adolescents in matters that affect them or are of interest to them, and will focus on bringing children closer to the content and function of the Constitutional text, as well as promoting its application in their daily lives.