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Simulation game

Las Araucarias - Drafting a Constitution

For the first time in Chile, a new Constitution is drafted by a democratically elected body. This simulation game supports youth to express their political preferences and expectations about the new constitutional text, and a channel of communication with the work of the Constitutional Convention. The simulation game focuses on collective problem-solving in six thematic areas that have been identified as being of interest to the participants.


Children and adolescents between 9 and 17 years old


Democracy & Participation




< 4 hours

Number of participants



Online, Onsite



General Description

The simulation game takes place in the fictitious community of Las Araucarias. The new mayor of the commune, Martín Reyes, has decided to solve once and for all the problems affecting the free Fairs of the commune, and in principle proposed to close them definitively. However, the three existing Fairs in the commune managed to reach an agreement with the mayor: they will be able to continue operating if they collectively manage to solve the issues affecting them.

Scenario & Procedure 

The members of the Fairs must first propose a solution for the education, health, environment, social justice, inclusion, and political participation problems. These solutions will be the content of "Las Ferias Statute". If this Statute is approved, the fairs will have achieved collectively, and through participatory dialogue, to overcome their conflict.


The simulation game gives participants a space to discuss and express their positions and ideas in relation to some of the most relevant debates in Chilean society today. During the evaluation of the simulation game, we seek to collect the ideas, expectations, and desires of the participants, as well as to encourage their ownership and interest in the constitutional process. 
Additionally, in alliance with the Children's Ombudsman's Office, communication channels will be created with the members of the Constitutional Convention, in order to deliver the conclusions of the workshops held throughout the country. The purpose of this aspect is to make a concrete contribution to the consideration of the children and adolescents' opinions regarding the constitutional process.

Learning Goals
  • Reasoning with the most relevant social issues for children and adolescents in Chile, stimulating dialogue and fostering collaborative problem-solving.
  • Encourage the expression of opinions and expectations in children and adolescents regarding the new Constitution,
  • Channel the ideas, opinions, and expectations of children and adolescents to ensure their effective participation.