CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

PRESENTES - Adolescentes para el Proceso Constituyente

This project aims to increase political participation of marginalized youth in Chile during the Convención Constituyente 2021/22 and beyond. By supporting a more inclusive process during the drafting of the New Constitution, we aim to increase the ownership of the New Constitution among youth.

Amidst the critical transition phase and political reform taking place in Chile, where a New Constitution 2021/22 is currently being developed, CRISP sees an opportunity to reach for marginalized youth and empower them to actively participate and influence the decision making process.

The project aims to make the process of the constitutional convention as inclusive as possible through two main working packages: 1) Increasing marginalized youth's ownership of the New Constitution 2) Increasing marginalized youth's opportunities for Political Participation.

In partnership with the Defensoría de la Niniez, several universities and Civil Society Organizations in Chile, a tailor-made simulation game will be developed and passed on to local trainers to implement online, minimum 80 times, each with approx. 15 participants from all regions. The results will be discussed via one tailor-made online platform. And using standardized evaluation modules, proposals will be extracted from the results of the simulation games, which will reflect the needs of the participants and will be presented to the Constituent Assembly.

To further sustain the process of making the public sphere accessible for marginalized youth in Chile, an Online Platform for Political Participation will be developed, where constructive, nation-wide, public debates can take place, providing a safe space for youth to express their needs and opinions through a sustainable and permanent communication medium between youth and decision makers.

The project's primary target group are young constituency between 16 and 24 years old, from marginalized areas in order to give them a voice in the upcoming process of developing a new constitution and increase their ownership of the New Constitution and therefore increase social cohesion. The project also targets education institutions where students and teachers will be introduced to simulation gaming as a method of learning to facilitate workshops and thus contribute to the sustainability of the project outcomes. As well as local NGOs and trainers from the field of civic education with whom the workshops will be designed, implemented and evaluated. 


01.05. until 31.12.2021


7 different regions in Chile (minimum)


Main target group is marginalized youth in Chile, between 15 and 18


Direct: approx. 600 and Indirect: approx. 3.000


149.894,42 EUR

Project Goals

The project aims to increase marginalized youth's ownership of the New Constitution currently being developed through simulation game workshops that will result in documenting their needs and opinions and will be presented to the Constituent Assembly.

The project also ensures youth's political participation beyond the development of the constitution through a sustainable online platform that connects youth with official decision makers, allowing them to engage in public debates and voice their needs.

Target Groups

Primary target group: young constituency between 16 and 24 years old, from marginalized areas.

Key actors within the project: teachers and students from educational institutions who will facilitate workshops and local NGOs and trainers in the field of civic education who will help in designing, implementing and evaluating the workshops.


The project consists of two working packages: 1) Ownership, which will be implemented through a kick-off-meeting to define the learning goals of the simulation game in cooperation with the local partners, followed by simulation game development, where a tailor-made simulation game will be developed to serve those goals. Next CRISP trains local trainers to facilitate the simulation game in preparation for the implementation phase where local trainers implement the game online and offline in different regions in Chile. Finally, an evaluation seminar takes place where the results of the simulation game are gathered, analyzed and prepared.

In the second working package 2) Political Participation, and in cooperation with the academic partners the OPPP is developed and launched, through which 3 public debates take place highlighting marginalized youth's opinions, ideas and expectations. Then, the proposals from the evaluation seminar are presented to the Constitutional Assembly in a final event. At last, having launched and tested the OPPP, it will be gradually transferred to the academic partners.

Outcomes / Achievements

Working Package – 1: Ownership
The project creates a simulation game with learning goals tailored to youth in Chile's current situation. Local trainers will be trained on how to facilitate the game which will be implemented online, 100 times, each time with approximately 30 participants, reaching an estimated number of 3.000 direct beneficiaries. The results of the simulation game will be representative of the youth's needs and will be documented in the form of proposals that will be presented to the Constitutional Assembly, expressing youth's ideas and opinions on  the most pestering topics (health, education, social security, native peoples and citizen participation).

Working Package – 2: Political Participation
By launching and testing the Online Platform for Political Participation, and with the moderation of trained facilitators, marginalized youth will vocalize their opinions on the New Constitution in public debates. The OPPP will also serve as a communication channel between youth and official decision makers even after the constitution development phase, under the supervision of “Tenemos Que Hablar de Chile” a common project by the University of Chile and the Universidad Catolica, supporting their already ongoing efforts in this direction.