New Constitution in Chile

PRESENTES: External Evaluation

We have received this week the final external evaluation report 2021 of our project PRESENTES in Chile. 89,2% of the participants enjoyed the method of simulation gaming and the vast majority think it is a great learning tool.

This report, carried out by the Chilean NGO Observa Ciudadanía during the second semester of the year 2021, informs, among other issues, about the perception of the participants about their experience in our simulation game workshops, and its effectivity as a tool for debate and political participation.

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In the context of this evaluation, a survey was applied to around 220 youths (out of a total of 600), with different questions regarding the methodology used in the workshops and their overall experience as participants in them. The results of the participant surveys show a very positive perception in all the areas covered by the survey, which demonstrates the interest of adolescents to participate in this kind of initiatives and to get involved in the citizen dialogue on issues of national interest.

Thus, when asked about their overall experience in the workshops, around 90% of the surveyed participants responded that they liked the activity or liked it very much.

Likewise, when asked whether more activities such as our workshops should be carried out to encourage the participation of children and adolescents in the discussion of social conflicts in Chile, 93% answered affirmatively.

Finally, 65% of the respondents answered that their participation in our workshops made them more interested in the constitutional process in Chile, while 58% answered that it made them more interested in political debates.

The results of this evaluation leave us very pleased, and confirm our conviction about the need to continue generating the conditions for the effective participation of children and adolescents, building innovative platforms for their incorporation into the public and democratic debate.

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