New Constitution in Chile

Expectations and Wishes of Youth in the context of the Constitutional Process in Chile, Final Report

A new milestone has been reached in our project Presentes as the results from 91 workshops are systematized and presented in a final report.

During the years 2021 and 2022 Presentes created the conditions for the participation of children and adolescents in the Chilean Constitutional Process. With more than 1200 participants in 91 workshops held in 13 different regions, the project is now presenting its final results.

The Final Report: Expectations and Wishes of youth in Chile is ready for download.

The report systematizes the opinions and expectations of the participants with regards to the constitutional process and the New Constitution proposal. It also provides information about the match between these expectations and content of the New Constitution proposal. According to our report and the conclusions reached by our local partner Defensoria de la Ninez, the content of the new constitutional text highly reflect the expectations of our young participants,

For the rest of the year 2022 Presentes will continue working with it local partners, providing spaces for the participation of children and adolescents, and enhancing their knowledge and appropriation of their rights.