New Constitution in Chile

German Embassy in Chile participates in #Presentes

In the framework of the project #Presentes: adolescents for the constituent process, a simulation games workshop was held on May 25 at the Wunman School in Santiago, with the participation of adolescents in the first and second year of secondary school.


This activity was attended by Jakob Axel Horn, representative of the German Embassy in Chile; Edmundo Arraño Fernández, director of the Wunman school and Oscar Guerra, representative of the #Presentes project.

Regarding the activity, the German Embassy stated that "we are convinced that this project is incredibly important. The constitutional process is brought closer to the students and, more importantly, made tangible. The students are trained to deal with the problems of a society.  A scenario that otherwise only occurs at the end of school. In this way, students understand the importance of a fair and good constitution. Politics is often a distant topic for students and is not discussed much at school. This project shows the students the importance of politics and the constitution and we are very happy that the Berlin Foreign Office supports this project."

Edmundo Arrañó, the school's principal, said, "I am convinced that this is an interesting, meaningful and relevant opportunity. I believe that this not only builds spaces for dialogue, but also spaces of dignity, where students learn to develop and develop themselves, to live through dialogue but also to reach agreements. I think it is tremendously good for my students and recommendable in every sense in their life experience".

The State of Germany has supported the implementation of the Presentes project since 2021, through the delivery of funds from the Federal Foreign Office, becoming a key player in the development of the project to ensure and promote the effective participation of children and adolescents in the constituent process.