New Constitution in Chile

Chilean Youth's Expectations towards the New Constitution

On January 21st, PRESENTES has presented to the Constitutional Assembly the final results of the simulation workshops executed during the year 2021, with the opinions and expectations about the new Constitution of more than 600 young participants of this initiative.

This report was delivered in the context of the citizen participation mechanisms implemented by the Assembly in the context of the current constitutional process in Chile. The report aims to link the expectations of young Chileans regarding the new constitutional text with the discussions and debates that will take place this year in the Constitutional Assembly. The results delivered to the Assembly express the opinions of adolescents in relation to issues particularly important to them, such as the environment, education, health, social justice, inclusion and participation.

Download:Resumen Ejecutivo 2021 - Expectativas & Deseos de los niños, niñas y adolescentes hacia la Nueva Constitución en Chile

During the second semester, PRESENTES carried out more than 50 workshops in 7 regions of Chile, applying the innovative methodology of simulation games. In these workshops, the young participants had the opportunity to discuss issues of national interest, and then express their agreements in a final document. The report submitted to the Assembly systematizes the results of all the workshops held during the year 2021, so that they can be incorporated into the discussion that will take place within this organization during the year 2022.

During the 2022, PRESENTES will continue its activities in Chile. Between March and April we will continue with the implementation of new workshops with the goal of reaching other regions and youth population in Chile. During the second half of this year, we will also develop a second simulation game, this time aimed at promoting the content of the New Constitution and bringing its contents closer to young Chileans, encouraging their democratic dialogue and fostering the conditions for their active participation as citizens. 

In the following video you can see the main results of the workshops:

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