South America

Radio Interview with "Nuevo Mundo"

Recently our co-director Andreas Muckenfuß had the opportunity to advertise our project in Chile on the Chilean radio. He was invited by Nuevo Mundo to speak about what the project aims to achieve and to call to action the Chilean youth to partake in it. 

The project in Chile, which aims to accompany the Chilean constitutional process, allows children and adolescents to influence, participate in, and inform themselves about the new constitution. This is primarily achieved through the simulation game “Las Araucarias” about which you can read more in the previous news article on our Chile Project. In the radio interview, which you can find here, Andreas highlighted the urgency of the project, as it was crucial to encourage youth participation during the constitutional creation process, which will last only until the third quarter of next year.

After the constitutional process, the project will transform and provide explanations, promotion, and understanding of the new constitution among young people. This will primarily be achieved through an online participation platform for dialogue and discussion (OPPP).