Preliminary Results from Chile

What is youth in Chile expecting from the New Constitution? What are their wishes? And what are the reactions of the members of the constitutional assembly (Conveción Constituyente)?

A new milestone has been reached in our project in Chile Presentes: children and adolescents in the constitutional process. On December 6th, 2021, we presented the preliminary results of our first 30 simulation game’s workshops in Chile to the Constitutional Assembly currently in charge of drafting the new Constitution.

Please find the Executive Report of our preliminary results (December 2021) here (in spanish).

The online event was moderated by the Chilean Ombudswoman for Children, Patricia Muñoz, and had as guest speakers the member of the Constitutional Assembly, Valentina Miranda, and two young participants of our workshops who explained the mains results for this year. Additionally, to this online event, we have delivered to the Constitutional Assembly an executive summary of the 2021’s workshops results, as part of the framework for citizen participation implemented by the Assembly.

After this conclusion of this first step, our project Presentes will continue next year channelling the opinions and expectations of the Chilean youth regarding the new Constitution and creating the conditions for their effective participation in this historical moment for Chile.