New Constitution in Chile

Discover our new simulation game "Actúa: Exercise your rights"

We invite you to discover our new simulation game "Actúa: exercise your rights", whose objective is that children and adolescents can access in an easy and didactic way to the content of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, understand what it is about and apply some rules in the search for solutions to the different social problems that are raised in the game.

"Actúa" is a board game for 25 players between 09 and 17 years old. Participants must choose between 05 different scenarios in a fictitious community. Each scenario represents a social problem and gives a mission to the group with instructions to solve this problem. The objective of the game is to carry out a campaign to solve the challenge using "rights cards" based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In this mission, the participants will have abilities and superpowers that will help them to solve the problem. Players may also encounter certain "events" that will speed up the game or add a touch of difficulty.

This simulation game provides essential tools for children and adolescents to identify their rights and apply them in a concrete way to the problems they face on a daily basis, through a playful and participatory methodology. 

Through this game, the Presentes project seeks to reach a participation of 1,500 children and adolescents throughout the country.

If you want to learn more and sign up to participate in the workshops at your school, sports center, social center or other, go to create your account and we will be contacting you soon. 

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