Project Update

Workshops of PRESENTES reach all regions of Chile

During 2021 and 2022, the Presentes project managed to implement simulation game workshops in all regions of the country, reaching the most extreme regions of the country such as Arica (city of Arica) and Magallanes (Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas).  

This coverage had a special focus on decentralizing the participation of children and adolescents and highlighting their voices from different realities, cultures, interests and local problems.

In this way, workshops were implemented in communities such as Combarbalá, San Pedro de Atacama, Las Cabras, Cahuil, Hualañe, Ñiquén, Penco, San Pedro de la Paz, Teodoro Schmidt, Vilcún, San José de Mariquina, Paillaco and Puerto Natales. In addition to this, the project reached coverage in both continental and insular Chile, arriving in December 2022 to Melinka Island, located in the Aysén region, a town with around 1,300 inhabitants, where simulation workshops were held at the school of the same name.

In total, more than 2,600 children and adolescents from all regions of Chile participated in the "Las Araucarias" and "Actúa" workshops, thus promoting their effective participation in issues that are of interest to them or that affect them, through a playful methodology based on simulation games. 

This broad national coverage invites us to continue promoting the effective participation of all children and adolescents throughout the country, encouraging the decentralization of participation, understanding it as a democratization tool for all children and adolescents.