Project Update

CRISP and CPS successfully complete the first set of media literacy trainings in Armenia

In a joint effort to combat disinformation, CRISP and the Center for Policy Studies (CPS) conducted two dynamic training sessions to empower youth from the media and civil society against the challenges of disinformation. These sessions, held in Yerevan and Armavir, marked one milestone in our project to advance media literacy and democratic resilience in Armenia.

The training fostered a space for participants to engage in different discussions and activities on the disinformation ecosystem in Armenia. Through a tailored simulation game, participants were provided an immersive experience that allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate web of disinformation and false narratives.

One of the central themes of the training was mobilizing various stakeholders to counter disinformation in their respective communities. Through a series of interactive exercises, participants collaboratively mapped out the diverse range of actors involved in the disinformation landscape in Armenia. This exercise helped shed light on the complex dynamics at play. After gaining a comprehensive view of the disinformation ecosystem, participants delved into developing strategies to counter disinformation for each identified actor. These strategies are tailored to engage stakeholders effectively and mitigate the impact of disinformation.

Following the simulation game and interactive exercises, debriefing sessions allowed participants to reflect on the topics covered and insights gained during the training. These discussions fostered a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by disinformation and the individual responsibilities to address them effectively.