CRISP Announces an Advanced Certificate Programme

Advanced Simulation in Conflict: Enabling Conflict Transformation and Peace Training

The Advanced Simulations in Conflict (ASC) Training Program is aimed at practitioners and trainers who are interested in using simulations with their communities either with the purpose of conflict transformation or capacity building for practitioners. Through an interactive four-day program, the participants will explore the conflict transformation palette of options available to civil society and governmental actors engaged in peace processes, peace training, dialogues and community (re)building and reconciliation, as well as gain insights into the full cycle of learning that is enabled through a simulation. The simulation game creates situations in which the participants themselves have to make decisions and are affected by the decisions of others. Thereby, it provides the possibility to experiment with social behaviour and content within the framework of the simulated environment. The simulation game then offers a platform to reflect one´s own role and behaviour in complex conflict situations. The evaluation of the simulation game therefore focuses first on the personal level. Subsequently, the process of the simulation game is summarized, the corresponding dynamics are examined, and conclusions for the conflict management are drawn. By taking part in the simulation game, the participants learn about conflict dynamics in a realistic framework. Thus, the simulation game not only strengthens the professional understanding of problem situations, but also leads to an improvement of social competencies on an individual level, such as communication skills and conflict resolution, ability for negotiation, compromise and empathy. The program takes place from 06.11.-09.11.2017 in Cluj, Romania and is organized and conducted by PATRIR and CRISP.

Please, find more information on the application process, content and prices in the brochure.