Middle East/ Northern Africa

CRISP develops a plan to enhance youth employability in the MENA region using simulation games.

CRISP approaches the issue of unemployment through adaptable simulation game design that can be personalized to a specific target group's needs.

With the highest unemployment rate reached by the MENA region in 2019, CRISP   introduces/customizes/tailors simulation game modules that empower young job seekers with the necessary soft skills that the formal education system lacks, offering them an experience-based learning method and preparing them to face the market challenges.

We will offer custom made simulation games that can be tailored to specific target groups' needs, as well as Training of Trainers as a more sustainable mean of employing simulation game learning in various issues and for diverse target groups.

The Simulation games can serve one of the four main criteria, which are:

  1. Soft skills and personal development. Through simulation games, participants are put in realistic situations where they employ and develop skills like teamwork, conflict management, communication skills, initiative, creativity, criticism and empathy.
  2. Collaborative approaches, where participants become introduced to different leadership models, focusing on the concept of collective leadership.
  3. Economic empowerment of women, focusing on the development of the entrepreneurial capabilities of women as a target group that is granted less opportunities in the job market.
  4. Entrepreneurship training, which provides high skilled youth who want to start their own businesses with the necessary competencies in order to translate their ideas into functioning startups. The training takes participants through all the steps of the creation of an enterprise; ideation, market research, business and strategic plans, risk assessments and market analysis. In addition, it helps them become aware of the
opportunities and potential hurdles they might face, and develops their sense of social responsibility.

Learn more about the project by downloading the info paper and kindly approach us for further inquiries.