Enhancing Youth Employability in the MENA region

CRISP develops and updates new approaches to tackling the issue of unemployability in the MENA region 

We are excited to announce the release of our latest infopaper on "Enhancing Youth Employability in the MENA Region". With a significant population of young people facing unemployment challenges, this paper explores innovative approaches to tackle the issue.

The MENA region currently holds the highest youth unemployment rate globally, making it crucial to address the barriers preventing young individuals from accessing decent employment opportunities. Our approach highlights the importance of gamified learning methods and simulation games in fostering problem-solving skills, collaboration, and soft skill development among youth.
By providing an engaging and interactive platform, simulation games offer participants the opportunity to navigate real-life situations, develop essential soft skills, and explore their potential for entrepreneurship. Our tailored simulation games cater to highly skilled graduates, underqualified youth seeking vocational training, aspiring entrepreneurs, unemployed women, employers, and policymakers.

Furthermore, we present additional offers, such as: training-of-trainers programs, job preparation training programs, and the development of non-formal education methods, aiming to enhance youth employability.
The subject areas covered in these proposed activities focus on soft skills and personal development, social innovation and human-centered design thinking, collaborative approaches, economic empowerment of women, and entrepreneurship training. These areas equip young individuals with the necessary skills demanded by the job market and empower them to navigate challenges effectively.

We invite our partners and stakeholders to read the full infopaper which you can find below. Let's explore areas of collaboration to address youth unemployment together and create a more prosperous future in the MENA region!