CRISP - Simulation game

Simulation game

Helios - Local Councils in Egypt

Finding and designing creative solutions for everyday challenges related to access and availability of public services on the local level in Egypt. 


participants between 18 and 35 (mixed groups desirable).


Democracy & Participation




4-6 hours

Number of participants

12-20, 20-30


Online, Onsite


Arabic, English

The development of the quality of services in any given community is not possible without the contribution and active participation of its members. Local Councils are considered the most direct link between citizens and their government. Through the fictitious events of the simulation game "Helios", Local Councils and their crucial role are highlighted. By stepping into the roles of local decision-mak­ers, the participants understand the mode of operation of Local Councils and fur­thermore become encouraged to participate actively in the public sphere. During the evaluation phase, participants transfer the newly gained knowledge from the simulation game to their own communities. This includes self-reflections about their own role as citizens and their possible contribution to Local Councils whether by being active voters or even potential candidates to serve their local community. 

Scenario & Procedure

The scenario of the simulation game is in the fictitious city "Madinet El-Shams", where its citizens meet to discuss the most important challenges of their every­day-lives regarding health, education and public utilities. Afterwards, the citizens proceed with finding possible solutions that are pragmatic for "Madinet El­Shams". At the very end, the most effective solutions will be elected and will re­ceive funding for their implementation. The decision-making process in the simu­lation game is fully reflecting the Egyptian constitution and thus enables the par­ticipants to better understand processes and dynamics of the Local Councils. 


The main objective is to raise awareness of the importance of the role and functionality of the Local Councils. The simulation game specifically sheds light on the role of Local Council members, highlighting that they have to represent all citizens regardless of their social class and their different needs during their decision and policy making pro­cesses. Through the simulation game, participants are encouraged to be active mem­bers of society and attain constructive roles on the community level, by acquiring prag­matic decision-making skills.

Project Goals
  • How to enhance social participation among Egyptian citizens?
  • What are the mechanisms used for discovering/focusing on different community needs?
  • What is the importance, role and effect of Local Councils in Egypt? (why do we need LCs)
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of Local Council members?