Project Update

Y-LEAD Debate Camp in Alexandria Brings Together University Students from Across Egypt

In the last week of April, a debate camp was implemented as part of our Y-LEAD project in Alexandria. The camp brought together 60 university students from 5 different governorates in Egypt - Alexandria, Assiut, Beni Suef, New Valley, and Suez -who competed against each other in four different rounds. To win, each team had to showcase their debating skills in the first round, second round, semi-finals, and finals.

Participants debated a wide range of topics such as media censorship, state intervention in economic activities, criminalizing marital violence in Egypt, the electoral system, and state responses to climate change. The activity provided participants with an excellent opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of these topics, which fostered their intellectual growth.
Moreover, active participation in the initiative facilitated the development of essential communication skills, teamwork, and effective research, organization, and presentation techniques. The competition was fierce, and all participants gave their best, but unfortunately, only one team could emerge as the winner. Congratulations to Alexandria for their outstanding performance!