Middle East/ Northern Africa

Y-LEAD Team and Partners Reflect on Success and Plan Future at Retreat

Y-LEAD project team and partners come together for a reviving retreat, reflecting on past successes and mapping out the path ahead!

From the 5th to the 9th of March, the project team and partners reflected on past accomplishments and set the ground for strategizing future success.

Held in Alexandria, Egypt, the retreat provided the perfect environment for deep introspection and focused collaboration. The retreat was designed to encourage open communication and honest dialogue, allowing the project team to discuss both their achievements and their challenges. The team took a comprehensive look at the project's progress, discussing what worked well, what is still to come and what areas needed improvement. The partners also shared their insights, offering valuable feedback and suggestions for how to move forward.

As the retreat progressed, the team began to envision the project's future utilizing the assets we have from our previous achievements and develop plans to move forward. Overall, the retreat was a resounding success, providing the team and partners with an opportunity to reconnect, reflect, and plan for the future.