Middle East/ Northern Africa

Phase II of our project Y-Lead is now approved and ready for kick off

After the success of our project titled ‘Y-Lead Civic Spaces for Active Citizenship’, CRISP launches a follow up phase: Y-lead Virtual Spaces for Active Citizenship, in collaboration with Egyptian partner CDS.

Similar to phase I, Y-Lead phase II’s primary goal is to increase the social and political participation of youth and women in Egypt, and empower them to take initiative towards the development of their communities. This phase will deepen the impact of phase I, extending to all 27 Egyptian governorates and reaching an estimate of over 20,000 beneficiaries. 

The project educates youth and women from all over Egypt on issues of local political and civic engagement, while adapting to the pandemic through creating virtual spaces for them to engage and become active leaders in their communities. Participants will be empowered to take leading roles through developing cross-sectoral initiative work or running for office in the coming local elections.

This will take place through five main working packages that focus on: the political awareness of participants, engaging them in debate clubs that will enrich their critical thinking skills, giving them the opportunity to lead local initiatives in their communities, politically empowering them and preparing them for the local elections and finally developing the online platform Ma’kana to increase their virtual participation and make educational opportunities more accessible for youth and women. 

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