Project Update

Launched! Helios - an interactive online simulation game

As part of our Y-LEAD project in Egypt, we launched the Helios game to capacitate Egyptian youth with the required knowledge and skills to be included in the electoral process of local councils in Egypt. 

After a successful on-site implementation in 23 governorates, we took our simulation game methodology online so it is accessible to a larger audience of Egyptian youth and can be played anytime at their convenience.

This game was specifically designed to appeal to the Egyptian youth aiming to increase their knowledge relating to local councils and its electoral process. The main objective is to raise awareness of the importance of the role and functionality of the Local Councils. The simulation game specifically sheds light on the role of Local Council members, highlighting that they must represent all citizens regardless of their social class and their different needs during their decision and policy making processes. Through the online interactive simulation game, participants are encouraged to be active members of society and attain constructive roles on the community level, by acquiring pragmatic decision-making skills.

An explanatory video for The Game 'Helios'