New project in Egypt: Y-LEAD

After we have finalized the SET-Project-Series [2012-2018], we start a new era with our long-term local partner CDS.

We are happy to announce that our new project in Egypt is approved now. The Y-Lead project will create great opportunities for youth and women in 15 Egyptian governorates to become more active citizens and foster the democratic change in their communities.

The project will allow key actors and stakeholders to become agents of change which will contribute to a sustainable change in their communities and thus, maintaining the motivation for social change and boosting inclusion and peaceful coexistence principles. Through the course of the project youth and women will be able to implement community-led initiatives and connecting them with representatives and local actors from different sectors to bring a positive change and develop the sense of ownership. Furthermore, the project will help youth and women will learn how to facilitate dialogue, how to include marginalized groups and how to be socially responsible.

The project is supposed to last form February 2019 until December 2020. Please click here to learn more about the project: