Middle East/ Northern Africa

Y-Lead phase ll officially started this month

In the joint effort to launch Y-Lead phase ll: Creating virtual spaces for active citizenship, CRISP and CDS held a 3-day kick-off meeting 

The kick-off meeting started with a thorough reflection of the first phase of the program, which acts as a solid base for the follow up phase. While both phases share the common objective of socially and politically empowering women and youth to become active citizens, phase ll pays particular attention to expansion and digitization. During the meeting, the five working packages within Y-lead phase ll were defined and connected.


One of the key aspects of Y-lead phase ll is adopting an online approach and making it as accessible as possible for all participants, by linking the different working packages together to make the overall goal of the program more cohesive. For working package 1, the simulation game Helios will be adapted to the online format through a user-friendly online gaming platform tailor-made for it. Participants will be recruited on to the different working packages based on their interests and qualifications, these include: debate, cross-sectoral local initiatives and taking on leadership roles to become part of the political sphere. Working package 5 will host all working packages through the online platform ‘Makana’ where participants register to engage in constructive communication and access educational resources.