Middle East/ Northern Africa

Launch of the Makana digital platform and the "Helios" digital simulation game

On February 14, 2023 the Makana digital platform and the «Helios» digital simulation game were launched in Cairo, Egypt.

The purpose of launching the Makana platform is to provide as many young people as possible with the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the trainings and educational videos offered by Y-LEAD program.

The program works to create a space for engagement with multiple key stakeholders to achieve positive change and promote sustainable change in their communities, thereby supporting the drive for social change.

The simulation game «Helios» aims to qualify young and female local activists to take on leadership roles in community service and nomination for local women in all governorates in Egypt. It is the first single player interactive educational online game that educates Egyptian youth on local councils.

The program was launched with the support of Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, and in cooperation with the Development Services Center and the Country Development Association, within the framework of the Y-LEAD program.

Register on «Makana» platform through the following link: https://makana.y-lead.net/ 
Register for «Helios» simulation game through the following link: https://makana.y-lead.net/play-helios/