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Yet another successful event under our project Y-Lead – The Closing Ceremony

After two years of hard work and dedication, we are very happy to announce the news about the closing ceremony of our project Y-Lead.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the finalization of our project Y-Lead. The journey began in 2019 and due to the hard work and dedication on behalf of the project team, participants and the targeted beneficiaries, we are able to call this project a success.

We can say, confidently, that we were able to reach, and even exceed, our planned achievements. Here is a snippet of the highlights of the project; we implemented the simulation game Helios, with the goal of raising awareness about the role and importance of local councils in Egypt, 170 times all over Egypt; 14 cross sectoral community led initiatives were successfully implemented and 5 of them were unscaled; 3 policy papers were developed by our participants tackling the most urgent issues youth face in Egypt; 27 participants took part in a series of workshops to increase their skills and ultimately their chances to run for public office; lastly we implemented the simulation game Magadif 6 times as planned to enhance the understanding of the importance of cross-sectoral networks.
The participants did an excellent job during the course of the project, and an even greater job for the closing ceremony. Many thanks to everyone form the participants that helped this project turn in to a huge success. A special thank you goes to our esteemed partner, Center for Development Services, for their outstanding efforts. We are looking forward to the follow up in the coming years.
The Closing Ceremony was broadcasted live on social media through our Facebook page, here is the link for the whole event.