Project Update

Y-Lead Program Celebrates Graduation of 1000 Youth Leaders in Local Governance Training

In a significant milestone for the Y-Lead program, a graduation ceremony was held to honor the accomplishment of 1000 youth leaders who completed specialized training under Working Package 4. This phase of the program focused on capacity building, equipping participants with essential skills to engage effectively in local governance.

The training modules covered a spectrum of crucial areas, including the legal foundations of local councils, communication and soft skills, and the nuances of designing and implementing impactful campaigns. The primary goal of Working Package 4 is to empower both youth and women, fostering their ability to assume leadership roles within the public sphere. 

The graduation ceremony featured a detailed recap of the working package, incorporating testimonials from graduates and trainers alike. Speeches from the founders of CRISP and CDS added depth, emphasizing the program's positive impact.

Additionally, there was a panel discussion led by prominent figures emphasizing the importance of youth leadership in community development. The panelists included Andreas Muckenfuß, founder and director of CRISP; Mr. Ali Mokhtar, the executive director and appointed member of the Development Services Center; Mr. Syed Abdel Monem, Director of the Department of Volunteerism, Ministry of Youth and Sports; Dr. Shaima Al-Qasas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Watan Development Association; Dr. Hisham Issa, Director of Programs at the Services Center Development and Director of Our Role Programs Y-LEAD; Deputy Sameh Habib; Deputy Ahmed Bilal; Deputy Ahmed Mohany; Deputy Ahmed Al-Kwahli; Professor Dr. Taye Abdel Latif; and Mr. Badi Issa, Director of the Al-Muhfzon Foundation in Jordan.

This ceremony not only celebrated the achievements of the graduates but also underscored the Y-Lead program's commitment to nurturing a new generation of leaders ready to contribute actively to local governance and public policy.