Middle East/ Northern Africa

Empowering Jordan's Youth through the launch of the „Sharek (Participate)” Project

We are excited to start our new project that is a follow up of our previous efforts and aims to address the low level of engagement and participation of young people in the public sphere in Jordan with our Jordanian partner organization “Motivators for Training and our Egyptian partner “Center for Development Services”

Together with our partners from Jordan and Egypt, we officially started our new project “Sharek (Participate)”. The project aims to address Jordan's young people's low level of participation and engagement in the public realm. The objective of the project is to improve civic engagement, local discourse, and confidence in governmental institutions, encouraging harmonious coexistence and economic prosperity. The project is directed at youth, particularly women between the ages of 18 and 35, in the governorates of Amman, Ajloun, Karak, Zarqa, and Irbid. 
The project's primary objective is to empower participants to create and implement their own local initiatives in the countries in question. Participants do a needs assessment in collaboration with the applicant organizations, then plan and implement their own interventions (local initiatives) on that basis. Training workshops provide them with the required tools, methodologies, and skills. All local programs attempt to increase young people's engagement in public spaces. They will increase the target group's social involvement, contribute to social cohesion in their communities, and encourage young people's economic growth.

These youth-led local activities must be creative, according to the project's overarching vision. Other factors include the degree of innovation, the predicted total benefit, and the project's scalability. All youth-led local projects are given special consideration for long-term viability. The project's goal is to assist young people in their online and offline activities, allowing them to create a tangible and long-term effect on their communities.

The project collaborates with a variety of stakeholders to address youth-related issues in the target governorates from various perspectives. The project has already discovered shared interests among Jordan's main players dealing with youth, such as the Ministry of Youth (MoY). 

The activities of the project draw on the efforts and results of earlier initiatives carried out by our collaboration. A needs assessment, training workshops for participants, and the construction of an online component for local efforts on education, employment, and social involvement are all part of the proposed project. Finally, the project aims to enhance the socioeconomic status of youth and foster stability in the governorates. 

We are thrilled to continue our efforts through this project. Our collective efforts aim to make a lasting impact on the youth and women of Jordan, fostering positive change and empowerment. With great anticipation, we look forward to witnessing the realization of our goals and the transformation it brings.