Project Update

«Equal Opportunities in Egypt» Project Equips Youth Leaders for a More Inclusive Future

Within our «Equal Opportunities in Egypt» project, we recently conducted two Training of Trainer (ToT) sessions, each hosting approximately 15 participants. The sessions comprised a comprehensive 5-day training program.

The participants, consisting of Egyptian youth center workers from various governorates, engaged in the thematic topics of gender equality and the inclusion of people with disabilities during the training. The program also introduced them to the methodology of simulation games, including a practical test run of El-Lotus. In the final phase of the training, participants acquired facilitation skills, including a thorough understanding of the evaluation process.

The impact of this initiative goes beyond the immediate training sessions. These trained facilitators are now prepared to implement El-Lotus within youth centers across different governorates in Egypt. As they assume leadership roles, the project aims to have a lasting impact by raising awareness on gender equality and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

This long-term vision places Egyptian youth center workers as advocates for positive change, contributing to a society that embraces equal opportunities for all. The "Equal Opportunities and Social Development in Egypt" project is more than just a training program; it serves as a catalyst for building a more inclusive and empowered future for the country.