Middle East/ Northern Africa

CRISP and GIZ join forces to promote inclusion in Egypt

In collaboration with GIZ, CRISP will complement GIZ’s effort in implementing “Equal Opportunities and Social Development” (EOSD) project in Egypt that enforces the social participation of youth, specially women and people with disabilities.  

The project’s main aim is to promote thematic knowledge on gender, inclusion, people with disabilities and social equality through identifying existing gaps and growth potentials in those areas.The project consists of three main mandates, each mandate includes a tailor-made simulation game that caters to its objectives and target participants. 

The first mandate targets state actors, specifically Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) senior level employees, and aims to capacitate them on issues of inclusion while developing their soft and behavioural skills;  most importantly problem solving, conflict management and team building. These competences will then be applied to evaluate and ensure inclusive project design and implementation. The second mandate targets young people who are eager to become active agents in their communities and provides them with inclusion awareness as well as the soft skills necessary to become local change-makers, including resilience, communication skills and conflict analysis. Finally, the third mandate targets youth-led organization staff members, empowering them with the tools to map stakeholders and effectively manage resources and preparing them to develop local initiatives that foster social inclusion.

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