Towards a more inclusive Egyptian society

As a continuation to our work with GIZ Egypt under their Equal Opportunities and Social development (EOSD) project, we have successfully developed a new simulation game to be implemented with youth around Egypt

Together with the Center for Development Services (Egypt) and Nadi El Mohakah Foundation (NMF, Egypt) we successfully put together a tailored made simulation game ot fit the goals and objectives of the Equal Opportunities and Social development (EOSD) project for GIZ Egypt.
The new  simulation game titles “El Lotus” is targeting youth in Egypt, to experience first hand the important issues of 1. Participation of marginalized young youth, 2. gender equality and 3. inclusion of persons living with disabilities.

With this simulation game, a group of youth activists in Egypt will be trained on the facilitation method of simulation games by our team and will implement the simulation game to reach 5000 youth who will get a first hand experience understanding of the three thematic topics of the project. 

Stay tuned for more news on how the trainings will be carried out.