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Simulation game

Gadayel – Tackling pressing Societal Issues

The simulation game aims at strengthening the capacities of state actors to promote gender equality, participation of marginalized youth and integration of people with disabilities.


Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports Employees, and Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity Employees


Democracy & Participation




4-6 hours

Number of participants






The Gadayel simulation game tackles overall societal issues present in numerous societies relating to the inclusion and participation of marginalized society groups in the workplace. It highlights pertinent topics such as gender equality, the inclusion of marginalized youth and people with disabilities. Participants will discuss and experiment different facets of inclusive and participatory dialogues that encompasses all members of society. The participants will develop numerous proposals that can be used to strengthen the inclusion of youth, women, and disabled persons in the workplace. The simulation game will also develop the personal skills of the participants as it presents situations that require skills in communication, negotiation, problem solving and conflict management.

Scenario & Procedure

The events of the simulation game "Gadayel" takes place in a small town, where three main families participate in discussing and negotiating the challenges facing the residents of the town. Among the town residents, there are three main families. An institution within the town announces a grant that can be awarded to these mentioned families. A grant committee needs to be formulated to organize these funds. Consequently, discussions regarding who would be a suitable nominee for this committee arises. During these discussions, some challenges and problems arise, such as issues of gender equality, the lack of opportunities for the participation of less fortunate youth, the lack of integration of persons with disabilities and the appreciation of their potential in society. The characters within the game were designed to be diverse to comprehensively address the issue of equal opportunity, especially when it comes to issues of gender discrimination and opportunities in the workplace. By tackling these topics, the participants formulate well-rounded proposals that ensure more inclusive workplaces.


This simulation game aims at enhancing the knowledge regarding the process of the inclusion of marginalized youth and people with disabilities, and gender equality. It also sheds lights on the importance of these concepts as well as the obstacles that prevent their inclusion in the workplaces. It further highlights the available resources and mechanisms necessary to ensure participation, gender equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities. Finally, it encourages participants to apply and activate the concepts of participation and inclusion. 

Learning Goals
  • Increase mutual understanding between different society groups
  • Developing a vision for more inclusive workspaces
  • Improve soft skills such as communication, critical thinking and resourcefulness