Project Update

Final Event of the U-Power Project

In the end of March, we gathered with participants at EcoVillage in Moldova to reflect on the project year.

The last several months were very intense for U-Power participants – they were getting further capacity-building trainings and implementing their local initiatives, navigating complexity of successes and challenges related to bringing your own first project to life. With the constant support of mentors, girls realized 7 versatile initiatives:

  1. “Bus stop of impressions”: renovation of the bus stop in Basarabeasca. The project was implemented with additional support from local authorities:
  2. “Save the planet, save a life”: workshop on ecology for teenagers in Congaz, Gagauzia.
  3. “Breaking through stereotypes”: exhibition about people who do not look/work according to gender roles/gender stereotypes as well as about people from LGBTQI+ community.
  4. Workshop on feminism for Ukrainian teenagers in Chisinau: teenage girls and boys got to know more about feminism, gender equality and existing gender stereotypes, and also shared their experience of facing gender inequality.
  5. “Sisterhood strength”: feminist media – Instagram media dedicated to covering stories of women from Moldova, as well as women who have changed the world, important news about gender equality and inequality and cases of gender-based violence. The media also familiarizes readers with terminology related to the field of feminism and combats gender stereotypes.
  6. “Transpeak”: video project about transgender and non-binary persons posted as Reels on Instagram to draw attention to the problem of discrimination and provide an educational foundation regarding people in the trans community.
  7. Ex Bullet: podcast that covers the topic of bullying with the stories of people who have experienced it.

We are proud of the results achieved by the project participants and are looking forward to their next achievements. The project takes its end here, but our efforts to further empower Moldovan and Ukrainian girls go further in other shapes and formats.