Follow up CCP- Synergy project approved with our partners in Algeria and Tunisia

In collaboration with Amnesty International Algeria and Jeunes Leaders de Tunis, we are going to implement our follow up CCP- Synergy project funded by IFA.

In 2019, our Algerian partner from Amnesty International Algeria visited Berlin to get and introduction about CRISP and our simulation game methodology. Therefore, as a follow project we have planned to address active youth in Algeria and Tunisia by introducing the innovative methodology of simulation games to them. This will amplify their toolkit, which will ultimately lead to higher effectiveness of civil society organizations in both countries. 

The initially proposed project was supposed to take place in Algeria, however given the current political situation in Algeria we have agreed to implement the project in Tunisia. At the moment, given the new circumstances cause by the Covid-19 restrictions we are changing our implementation plan to have the workshop in an online format. Both partners are eager to implement and are therefore flexible with the changes that are happening because of the global and local restrictions due to Covid-19.

Our project has already been approved by the IFA, and we are now in the process of developing a plan B for the project in case we need to implement it virtually with our partners. We are very much looking forward to implement this follow up project, we are sure that we will reach successful impacts whether we implement virtually or on the ground.