Project Update

International Training in Novi Sad with 40 People from Serbia, Poland, Finland and Germany

How can a youth-friendly policy in Europe look like and how can it be implemented on the local levels? We exchanged ideas on these questions with our project partners and over 40 participants from the Project Policing the Policy and developed initial ideas.

In the framework of the Policing the Policy Project, that CRISP is currently implementing with Partner organizations from Serbia, Poland, and Finland, the international exchange took place in Novi Sad from 25 to 27 November. 40 youth workers, social movements, activists, and young people gathered for 3 days in the cultural capital 2022 to exchange local and European youth policy strategies. The participants came from all four participating countries: Serbia, Poland, Finland and Germany. After the national workshop in the target regions, the participants could now exchange in Serbia on the needs and shortcomings of a youth-oriented policy in their municipalities as well as in Europe. From the participants' point of view, topics such as "mental health of young people", "sexual education", "the integration of people of other nationalities and peripheral regions" were particularly relevant for a youth-friendly policy in Europe. On this basis, the first goals for local youth strategies were formulated. Finally, the participants could work on their own project ideas and talk to representatives of European youth organizations about their possible implementation.
Besides the work on the topic, we visited local youth initiatives, a youth-led exhibition, and a youth club in Novi Sad.   

The target region in Germany is Berlin, where CRISP has already worked on the topic of youth-friendly cities during the national workshop with people from youth work and participation, community building, and young people. The results were presented at the international training in Serbia and discussed with participants from other countries.