Lessons Learned

Since 2015, we are cooperating with the Academy for Conflict Transformation of the forumZFD in Germany. The academy trains (young) professionals who want to increase the efficiency of their efforts in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Out of the complete Training-Course CRISP conducts one week at the end that is supposed to assist the participants to prepare themselves for their future engagement in peacebuilding processes.

After eight weeks of input on different methods and techniques, from conflict analysis to mediation, the participants of the training course get the chance to test their newly acquired knowledge in one of our simulation games. We developed a tailor-made simulation game that allows the participants to get into the roles of stakeholders of a certain conflict and to make use of the things they have learned before. Here we use the simulation game method to create as a risk-free environment that invites the participants to try out themselves and to apply their knowledge in situations close to reality.

The participants appreciated the method a lot and the feedback regarding the simulation game was very positive. Especially the fact to experience a “change of perspective”, as well as the “realistic setting” of the simulation game was mentioned several times during the evaluation phase.  Further, we critically discussed the methods of conflict analysis and how those actually could and should shape a certain project design, as well as the particular roles of a mediator in peacebuilding processes.

The participants have great challenges ahead of them…we wish them all best of luck for their further assignments and all their upcoming tasks – hopefully the lessons learned from the simulation game will be useable during their work on the ground.