Project Update

Peacegame with Security Actors - CRISP Explores Peace Strategies with P4P & DCAF

In a groundbreaking collaboration with the P4P (Principles for Peace) and DCAF (Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance), 25 experts from diverse backgrounds participated in a workshop, contributing to the development of a new peacebuilding playbook.

Developed in partnership with the Principles for Peace Foundation, the workshop aimed to redefine peace strategies by integrating a common frame of reference and a doctrine, employing modern simulations to tackle complex conflict scenarios.

This collaborative effort, developed in partnership with P4P, brought together specialists from various sectors, including UN peacebuilding offices, the US State Department, think tanks, academics, and other stakeholders.
The primary focus of the workshop was to delve into evolving security imperatives by integrating and field-testing the common lodestar of Principles when engaging in conflict scenarios. The participants engaged in a the CRISP Peacegame designed to comprehend and address a regional conflict, marking a significant departure from traditional approaches. The dynamic methodology adopted during the workshop is essential for crafting effective peace and stabilization strategies exceeding mere peace negotiations or military interventions.

In a next step, CRISP will further develop the Peacegame to make it usable for the development of peacebuilding playbooks for other target groups. We also plan the expansion of the game into a 2.0 version in the future.