Project Update

“Policing the Policy” project: productive team meeting in Berlin

We had a great team meeting in Berlin on 27th and 28th March 2023 as part of our ongoing project “Policing the Policy”!

Our team from Germany, Poland, Finland, and Serbia gathered at the CRISP Office to discuss the second part of the project, which began this year.

During the meeting, we talked about the ongoing research in all four countries about the needs of young people and how local youth policies address young people in the target regions. We compared the first results in all four countries, discussed challenges, and exchanged our resources. We also discussed the publication that will present our results and the public debates that will take place later this year in all target regions and where we will discuss our findings with the local actors.

Unfortunately, our Serbian project leader from Association “People’s Parliament” could not join us due to a plane delay. However, we had a constructive hybrid meeting and discover Berlin with our dear Partners from Fundacja Pole Dialogu in Poland and the Association of Cultural Heritage Education in Finland. We are now continuing the research in Berlin through desk research about local youth policies in the districts and focus groups in Tempelhof Schöneberg and Kreuzberg Friedrichshain with local youth clubs, talking to youngsters about their perception of the district.
Last year, we organized local and international workshops with the goal of exploring and implementing tools for local advocacy for youth policies. We are excited to continue this project and discuss our findings with the public.
The project is funded by the European Commission under K-action 2 project.