Publication: Simulation Games in Peacebuilding

The current political landscapes are changing fastly. From this derives the need for peacebuilders to develop a more strategic approach to their long-term endeavour.

The executive director of CRISP, Andreas Muckenfuß, was invited to contribute to latest edition of the journal of the research group “Außerschulische Bildung” (Extracurricular Education).

We are very happy to see that our work raises also attention among other trainers, facilitators and teachers of non-formal education. The title of the last edition of the journal was “(Un-)Sicherheiten und (Un-)Gewissheiten” [translation: (in-)securities and (un-)certainties] and Andreas Muckenfuß had the chance to explain CRISP’s approach more in detail.

The article highlights the potentials of the method of simulation gaming for developing strategic approaches for peacebuilders so they can easier adapt to the permanently and fast changing envi-ronment. Furthermore, it outlines the potential of simulation games to develop future scenarios that follow two purposes: 1) Anticipation of future challenges and 2) bringing people together in order to jointly develop a common idea of the future.

Unfortunately, the article is only available in German at this moment. Please click here to get to the website of Arbeitskreis Außerschulische Bildung.