Middle East/ Northern Africa

Simulating Egyptian Transition 2025 (SET lV)

Last week in Cairo, our journey for 2017 has reached an end by having the closing event with almost 100 guests. Among them participants, partners, future partners and other stakeholders.

Going through this year, it was a great achievement by reaching 15 different governorates within Egypt. Having 5 initiatives that have been implemented in 5 different governorates focusing on the 5 values that we have agreed upon since the development of our Vision for Egypt in the year 2015.

Furthermore, we created a simulation game “Nidal’s conflict” together with our local trainers. The simulation game aims to promote the five values of our vision and was implemented in 8 different governorates. Here we could rely, as in the past, on our local network “Nadi El Mohake” (Simulation Gamers Club Egypt).

CRISP and CDS (Centre of Development Services) together throughout the last 5 years were working hard on achieving the Vision for Egypt 2025. By designing and implementing initiatives that focus on the very grassroots level, we have actually started to bring some real change to local communities.

• “Glitter initiative” Aswan Governorate, as a unique girls’ club in Aswan had developed throughout their participation in SET IV, because they believe that girls should have equal rights to access expressive activities, that help them better discover themselves.  

• “Together for a Better Generation” Beni Suef Governorate, this initiative to implement in the schools to promote and enrich school students with moral and ethical values.

• “Young Mothers” Luxor Governorate, Young women who are recently married and in childbearing age were trained in simple handcrafting using different materials such as recycled clothes, and leather.

• “The Network of Civil Society Correspondents” Assuit Governorate, to create a network within the civil society that includes both the governmental and the private sector; which focuses on establishing communication between civil society and media.

• “Drop of Blood” Minya Governorate, the main objective of this initiative is to raise youth awareness towards the importance of blood donation, and through the youth, the idea will be circulated within the village.

We are extremely grateful for the great contributions of our participants and partners so far. Our achievements until today have the potential for upscaling and for transferring them to other governorates. Here we will continue in 2018 – inshalla.

Following the values in our life what makes us a good Humans and better citizens for our societies, also having a clear vision and ideas towards our goal is the motto for our project.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this amazing project and who contributed one way or another.